Podcast Links

Podcasts changed the way I listen to and find music in a radical way.

Podcasts mean that you never have to listen to bad radio stations ever again, and never miss good radio shows.

However, the problem shifted from finding good music to finding good podcasts, and that’s why I give links and descriptions of my favourite ones here.


Experimental Music Podcasts Update

Over the years, some podcasts shut down, but there are always more to be found, and some that I wonder how I could have missed them:

A Duck in a Tree
Made by ambient titans Zoviet*France, minimal, ambient, some sprinkles of non-western music, no talking.

Vital Weekly
by fellow titan Frans de Waard, eclectic and sometimes wierd, but always highly interesting, no talking

GRM radio show by François Bonnet with electro-acoustic,  electronic, improvised avant-garde music, some talking (french).

Philippe Petit changed name and station of his art rock/improvised/neoclassical podcast BipHop Generation, minimal talking (french).

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Podcasts about science and art

Non-music podcasts to  keep up to date and to amaze yourself about science, technology, and art. A slight deviation from the series of posts with podcast tips about interesting music podcasts,  essential listening podcastsexperimental music, or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music,

Sur les épaules de Darwin (France Inter, french)
The most fascinating, marvellous, and often mind-boggling podcast about everything touching on life: Evolution, cognitive science, anthropology, language, art, music, neuroscience, ethology, philosophy… Jean-Claude Ameisen combines scientific rigour (often, the cited articles are just out in Nature or Science) with a deep-felt humanism and sense for art and philosophy.

Forschung Aktuell, Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt (Deutschlandfunk, german)
Science journalism at its best, with the daily
Forschung Aktuell, and the weekly background research in Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt.

Creative Disturbance (english mostly, with other languages)
Art–Science podcast with several sub-series, sometimes interesting but quite uneven quality.


Even More Interesting Music Podcasts

Adding to the loose series of posts about essential listening podcasts, experimental music, or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music, here are even more links to interesting music podcasts:

the mother of all experimental music radio shows on Radio Libertaire, interviews, studio lives, concert tips, much too much talking (french).
not an actual podcast, but downloadable at http://epsilonia-radio.blogspot.com/

mostly danceable electronic and rock, with a sprinkle of hip-hop (if you can stand that), sometimes guest DJs, no talking
http://www.w-h-y.org website also with infos, Paris concert tips, giveaways

Tapage Nocturne
Radio France show by Bruno Letort featuring clean, respectable avant-garde music, with a more adventurous cronicle by Eric Serva, some talking (french).

A l’Improviste
Radio France program on jazz and post-jazz improvised music by Anne Montaron, quite some talking (french).


More Experimental Music Podcasts

Following in the series of essential listening podcasts or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music, here are more links to wonderful series of just plain interesting music:

fantastic side-program to the excellent Touch label’s releases, no talking

great ambient/electronica podcasts from the Crónica label, no talking

Bip-Hop Generation
downloadable radio show by Philippe Petit, very eclectic from acousmatic to noise rock, minimal talking (french).
[EDIT: there is finally (or I finally found)
an RSS link to subscribe to Bip Hop Generation as a real podcast!]

Radio France program by GRM veterans David Jisse, Christian Zanési, Christophe Bourseiller, from acousmatic to electronica, trying to catch up with the current generation’s musical inventions, too much talking (french).


Essential podcasts about the secret history of technology and music

Following, at a slow pace, the first post with podcast tips, here is a list of podcasts that are absolutely essential listening for anyone interested in how electronic music came about and to what extent technology has influenced or instigated creative musical practice:

TechnoPop: The Secret History of Technology and Pop Music
Six part series on NPR by Rick Karr on how recording technology changed, or created, popular music as we know it, starting from 1877′s phonograph, the microphone, amplification, tape recording, the LP, up to drum machines, laptops, and the internet (english).
not actually a podcast, but online listenable at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1150717

The Tone Generation
early electronic music around the world by Ian Helliwell – contains some mind-blowing gems (english)
podcast link http://blip.tv/the-tone-generation/rss

Variations on Radio Web MACBA

fascinating 7-part series by John Leidecker around collage, reference, and sampling in music, spanning a phenomenal arch from musique concrète over avant-garde plunderphonics to pop and hip-hop (english).
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Nat Roe at cult freeform radio station WFMU has discovered CataRT in this blog post about chartsweeps (mashups of years of Top-10 songs compressed into one piece of music (? / sound / deflagration?)).


Radio interview and concert at Tapage Nocturne, France Musique

Sunday night will take place the radio transmission of Tapage Nocturne by Bruno Letort, featuring a performance of Emmanuelle Gibello‘s pieces Collision I–III, interpreted by Diemo Schwarz, and an interview around the project Je suis l’écho de l’ombre d’une ombre with Emmanuelle Gibello, Diemo Schwarz, Maurin Donneaud, Vincent Roudeaux.

The show is available as podcast!


Favourite Experimental Music Podcasts

Rare Frequency: drone, experimental, up to Turkish Psych
minimal talking (english)

Framework (Resonance FM et. al.): field recordings, phonography
minimal talking (english)
[Update: New podcasts as of sept. 2014 seem no longer available via feedburner, but now directly via RSS feed http://frameworkradio.net/rss]

Brainwashed Radio – The Podcast Edition: dark pop, experimental
minimal talking (english)

Songs of Praise (Radio Aligre): experimental and weird music
lots of talking, invited artists, Paris concert tips (french)