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Podcasts about science and art

Non-music podcasts to  keep up to date and to amaze yourself about science, technology, and art. A slight deviation from the series of posts with podcast tips about interesting music podcasts,  essential listening podcastsexperimental music, or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music,

Sur les épaules de Darwin (France Inter, french)
The most fascinating, marvellous, and often mind-boggling podcast about everything touching on life: Evolution, cognitive science, anthropology, language, art, music, neuroscience, ethology, philosophy… Jean-Claude Ameisen combines scientific rigour (often, the cited articles are just out in Nature or Science) with a deep-felt humanism and sense for art and philosophy.

Forschung Aktuell, Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt (Deutschlandfunk, german)
Science journalism at its best, with the daily
Forschung Aktuell, and the weekly background research in Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt.

Creative Disturbance (english mostly, with other languages)
Art–Science podcast with several sub-series, sometimes interesting but quite uneven quality.

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