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Essential podcasts about the secret history of technology and music

Following, at a slow pace, the first post with podcast tips, here is a list of podcasts that are absolutely essential listening for anyone interested in how electronic music came about and to what extent technology has influenced or instigated creative musical practice:

TechnoPop: The Secret History of Technology and Pop Music
Six part series on NPR by Rick Karr on how recording technology changed, or created, popular music as we know it, starting from 1877′s phonograph, the microphone, amplification, tape recording, the LP, up to drum machines, laptops, and the internet (english).
not actually a podcast, but online listenable at

The Tone Generation
early electronic music around the world by Ian Helliwell – contains some mind-blowing gems (english)
podcast link

Variations on Radio Web MACBA

fascinating 7-part series by John Leidecker around collage, reference, and sampling in music, spanning a phenomenal arch from musique concrète over avant-garde plunderphonics to pop and hip-hop (english).
podcast and transcripts link

Radio Web MACBA (RWM) has many other not-to-miss podcasts, such as Composing with Process about generative music (with the cutest northern accent voice-overs ever heard), or Felix Kubin’s Deutsche Kassettentäter about the 1980′s German tape scene.

[Edit: finally, after years of blatant misorganisation of their podcasts, Radio Web MACBA have reorganised their offering into 4 podcasts, each with several series of episodes.  Before, in blissful ignorance of the distinction between podcasts and episodes, every episode was its own podcast!]

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