Thursday 31.07.2014 22:33

Even More Interesting Music Podcasts

Adding to the loose series of posts about essential listening podcasts, experimental music, or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music, here are even more links to interesting music podcasts:

the mother of all experimental music radio shows on Radio Libertaire, interviews, studio lives, concert tips, much too much talking (french).
not an actual podcast, but downloadable at

mostly danceable electronic and rock, with a sprinkle of hip-hop (if you can stand that), sometimes guest DJs, no talking website also with infos, Paris concert tips, giveaways

Tapage Nocturne
Radio France show by Bruno Letort featuring clean, respectable avant-garde music, with a more adventurous cronicle by Eric Serva, some talking (french).

A l’Improviste
Radio France program on jazz and post-jazz improvised music by Anne Montaron, quite some talking (french).

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