Monday 31.12.2012 11:41

More Experimental Music Podcasts

Following in the series of essential listening podcasts or unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music, here are more links to wonderful series of just plain interesting music:

fantastic side-program to the excellent Touch label’s releases, no talking

great ambient/electronica podcasts from the Crónica label, no talking

Bip-Hop Generation
downloadable radio show by Philippe Petit, very eclectic from acousmatic to noise rock, minimal talking (french).
[EDIT: there is finally (or I finally found)
an RSS link to subscribe to Bip Hop Generation as a real podcast!]

Radio France program by GRM veterans David Jisse, Christian Zanési, Christophe Bourseiller, from acousmatic to electronica, trying to catch up with the current generation’s musical inventions, too much talking (french).

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