Sunday 12.08.2018 21:31

Experimental Music Podcasts Update

Over the years, some podcasts shut down, but there are always more to be found, and some that I wonder how I could have missed them:

A Duck in a Tree
Made by ambient titans Zoviet*France, minimal, ambient, some sprinkles of non-western music, no talking.

Vital Weekly
by fellow titan Frans de Waard, eclectic and sometimes wierd, but always highly interesting, no talking

GRM radio show by François Bonnet with electro-acoustic,  electronic, improvised avant-garde music, some talking (french).

Philippe Petit changed name and station of his art rock/improvised/neoclassical podcast BipHop Generation, minimal talking (french).

This completes the loose series of posts about interesting music podcasts, essential listening podcasts, experimental music, unmissable podcasts about the history of technology and music, and science and art in general, all in category podcasts.

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