Outprovisation — Improvisation with Live-Recorded Environmental Sound at ICMC, Huddersfield

ICMC 2011 Late Night Concert 2, Students’ Union, Huddersfield, UK

Outprovisation breaks the tyranny of the instant and fragments the unity of time and place, by improvising with unpredictable live streams from the vicinity of the concert venue: the bar, a park, the street, a shopping mall…
It enlarges at the same time the temporal horizon, the loci of presence, and the sonic space, doubling it by the abstract space of transformed sounds. Read the rest of this entry »


Solo and duo live Performance with Victoria Johnson at Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway

Concert evening with solo works by Diemo Schwarz and violinist Victoria Johnson, and an improvised duo at Sound of Mu club/gallery.

See this video of the first appearance of iPad wiggling as an expressive performance instrument.


Alarm–Signal played at Sound and Music Computing Conference, Barcelona

Concert around freesound

Diemo Schwarz performs the piece Alarm–Signal, for CataRT, controllers, and freesound sounds

Alarm sounds and signals are usually lying in wait all around us to alert our attention, warn us of danger, wake us up.  This piece finally gives them a chance to express themselves freely, just what the freesound project was intended for.
“Alarm” and “signal” are the search terms used in freesound to find the sounds out of which this piece is exclusively constructed. Despite the startling nature of most of these sounds, the use of corpus-based concatenative synthesis techniques in the CataRT system makes it possible to compose smooth evolutions and soothing combinations of timbres, thereby reflecting on the inner qualities of these sounds that are richer than their everyday use.

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Pascal Baltazar for the loan of the Stantum SMK 15″ multitouch interface, and to Mathieu Chamagne for the fantastic work on the Max Multitouch Framework (MMF).


Installation Grainstick at Cité des Sciences, Paris

Production version of the Collaborative sound installation Grainstick, originally developed by the IMTR and room acoustics team at Ircam, and the composer Pierre Jodlowski, for the EU project SAME, using the “Rainstick” instrument gestural control metaphor.
Applied technologies: WFS spatialisation, motion tracking, gesture analysis, corpus-based synthesis.

First prototype presented at the Agora Festival 2009.

Concept and musical creation: Pierre Jodlowski
Video: Raphaël Thibault
Stage design and project management: Christophe Bergon
Sound design: Jacky Mérit
Programming: Robin Meier
Room acoustics: Olivier Warusfel, Grace Leslie
Real-Time Musical Interactions: Frédéric Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Fléty, Diemo Schwarz, Bruno Zamborlin.


Xe-Rocks Installation for Photocopiers and Sound System

P1000327_800Xerocks is an installation by video and sound artist Cécile Babiole designed to turn two copying machines into musical instruments.

Development and adaptation of the real-time sound synthesis system CataRT by Diemo Schwarz for audio analysis and granular (re)composition of the 4 audio channels from the photocopiers by navigation through descriptor space.

On Show : 27 June 2009 at Espace culture et multimédia Gantner (CG90) in Bourogne. Exhibition until 12 September 2009.