Tuesday 08.06.2010 23:59

Installation Grainstick at Cité des Sciences, Paris

Production version of the Collaborative sound installation Grainstick, originally developed by the IMTR and room acoustics team at Ircam, and the composer Pierre Jodlowski, for the EU project SAME, using the “Rainstick” instrument gestural control metaphor.
Applied technologies: WFS spatialisation, motion tracking, gesture analysis, corpus-based synthesis.

First prototype presented at the Agora Festival 2009.

Concept and musical creation: Pierre Jodlowski
Video: Raphaël Thibault
Stage design and project management: Christophe Bergon
Sound design: Jacky Mérit
Programming: Robin Meier
Room acoustics: Olivier Warusfel, Grace Leslie
Real-Time Musical Interactions: Frédéric Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Fléty, Diemo Schwarz, Bruno Zamborlin.

categories: Development, Installation

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