Improvisation Laminaire with ONCEIM, Moers Festival, Germany

Kristina Zalesskaya, all rights reserved

Collective improvised creation Laminaire at the 50th Moers Festival, Moers, Germany.

Streamed live and recorded by Arte TV.

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ONCEIM plays Radigue/Bosshard at Archipel, Geneva

I will play percussion with ONCEIM for  Eliane Radigue’s Occam Ocean XXV and electronics at Patricia Bosshard’s Sillons at festival Archipel, Palais du Pleinpalais, Geneva.

The festival is streamed live and archived here.

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Talk and Music–Mind–Movement concert with Grace Leslie, France-Atlanta Festival, Georgia Tech, USA

In collaboration with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the Georgia Tech School of Music is establishing strong links in research and education with France’s IRCAM Institute.

IRCAM researcher and musician Diemo Schwarz will perform a concert with electronic musician and Georgia Tech researcher Grace Leslie. During this performance, brain waves will steer the musical voyage through a landscape of sounds and tangible embodied interaction will articulate and reshape the musical material.

France-Atlanta festival, Oct 30, 7:00 PM, West Village Room 175, Georgia Tech,

video recording


Video presentation Le Cercle

Video documentation of Le Cercle, circular orchestra, Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris.
Gaël Mevel violoncelle, composition
Jacques Di Donato clarinette
Thierry Waziniak percussions
Nicolas Nageotte clarinette basse
Jean-Luc Cappozzo bugle et trompette
Diemo Schwarz
création electroacoustique
Daniel Lifermann
flute shakuhachi

Le Cercle, a unique orchestra which offers the listener a truly original sensory and artistic experience. The musicians are placed in a circle around the audience who thus find themselves at the heart of the music as it is being made.

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Concert at Prisms Contemporary Music Festival, Phoenix, Arizona

Solo concert and improvisation with Simone Mancuso, Garth Paine, Justin Kennedy at the Prisms Contemporary Music Festival “Boulez Legacies:

Offering the highest-quality performances of experimental music in the Phoenix metropolitan area, the annual Prisms Festival is comprised of themed concerts and showcases music that is rarely performed, along with pre-concert talks, round tables, film screenings, and workshops. The goal of the festival is to promote the view that music is a living tradition – an exciting and vibrant part of modern life – and to pass on that belief by combining performances with informative lectures and discussions for ASU’s students, the local art and music communities and the general public.

The concert video is here, Diemo Schwarz’s solo piece starts at 1h15 after the intermission, followed by an improvisation with Diemo Schwarz (live-input CataRT), Garth Paine (flute), Justin Kennedy (Mongolian throat singing), Simone Mancuso (percussion) at 1h41.

Katzin Concert Hall, School of Music, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA.

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Camino del Sol Video and Documentation

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Pantin
27 Nov 2014 – 10 Jan 2015

Sylvie Fleury presents Camino del Sol, a new sound and dance performance project at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Pantin. The exhibition that follows reveals the set for the performance and some of its leftover materials.

Originally inspired by Fluxus performance, where simple, repeated actions produced sounds, Fleury’s performance, with its own aesthetic premise, incorporates gestures from everyday life revealing the vibrational presence of individuals. The set-up allows for the poetic, the sonic and sometimes the absurd to bloom.
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Diemo Schwarz, Hans Leeuw, PA Tremblay and more innovative improvisers at Zaal 100, Amsterdam

A concert in the nicest and oldest impro place in Amsterdam: Zaal 100facebook event

PA Tremblay (electrique bass + electronics, Huddersfield)
Diemo Schwarz (Gesture controlled CataRT, Paris)
Stephan Reidl (acoustic bass + electronics)
Dirk Bruinsma (sax + electronics)
Hans Leeuw (electrumpet)
Alan Purves (percussion)
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DIRTI for iPad nominated for IxDA awards, public voting open!

DIRTI for iPad, the world’s first tapioca interface, lets young children control an audiovisual experience by playing with a bowl of tapioca.
The project has been nominated for the prestigious IxDA interaction design awards, and the people’s choice award is now open for voting by going to


DIRTI for iPad — the World’s First Tapioca Controller

Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI) are a new concept in interaction design that forgoes the dogma of repeatability in favor of a richer and more complex experience, constantly evolving, irreversible & infinitely modifiable. The video resuming 4 days of experimentation with a tangible interface and iPad app specially designed for kids at the Maison des Petits of the cultural centre CENTQUATRE in Paris is now online.


Videos of installation ACCLRTR in a disused particle accelerator, Orsay

Video documentation of the Journées Arts-Sciences at Printemps de la Culture 2012 of Orsay featuring the interactive sound and video installation ACCLRTR with Ianis Lallemand, situated in the former collider ring ACO Science at Orsay University. ACCLRTR appears from 19:11 in the first video documenting the installations, and interspersed in the second video documenting the setup. More videos of the event are on


Presentation of Inner Space, *di*/zaïn #5, Divan du Monde

Christian Delécluse, soirée *di*/zaïn #5 : code… par soireesdizain


Ircam Live with duo Hans Leeuw / Diemo Schwarz at Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

The duo of Hans Leeuw (Electrumpet) / Diemo Schwarz (CataRT) has been chosen as one of 4 winners of the Ircam Forum call for performances (out of 85 submissions) and will be presented in concert:

Ircam Live @ la Gaîté lyrique

also playing: Plaid (Warp), Lorenzo Bianchi, Benjamin Carey, Jean Lochard

Gaîté Lyrique, grande salle
3bis, rue Papin
75003 Paris

The duo between Hans Leeuw and Diemo Schwarz creates a dialectic between the age-old gesture of the musician and its digital transformation and critique, a pathway between the acoustic instrument and a recontextualising synthetic interaction at the heart of our times. The duo’s focus on expressive play with live sounds happens in two very different ways that happily blend together: Read the rest of this entry »


CataRT as an Instrument

Since about 5 years, CataRT is used extensively as a performance instrument by myself and other musicians, and has stabilised and been tried and tested in many performances.  This is why the Inventor Composer Coaction call for new instruments was a welcome occasion to present this instrument to a wider audience, and to advance towards a systematic assessment of how to play and compose with CataRT.

To this end, the CataRT as an Instrument page collects the links to sound and video examples demonstrating CataRT as an expressive performance instrument.
Since CataRT must be seen as a whole family of possible instruments, around the core concept of the timbral sound space that is played by navigation, the actual instrument is determined by the controller that steers the navigation.


Improvisation with Hans Leeuw at STEIM, Amsterdam

Conference and concert by Diemo Schwarz (live corpus-based concatenative synthesis) with Hans Leeuw (electrumpet).

Part of STEIM‘s HOTPOT LAB #18, where 4 student projects from this year’s HKU instrument design class will be presented.


Outprovisation — Improvisation with Live-Recorded Environmental Sound at ICMC, Huddersfield

ICMC 2011 Late Night Concert 2, Students’ Union, Huddersfield, UK

Outprovisation breaks the tyranny of the instant and fragments the unity of time and place, by improvising with unpredictable live streams from the vicinity of the concert venue: the bar, a park, the street, a shopping mall…
It enlarges at the same time the temporal horizon, the loci of presence, and the sonic space, doubling it by the abstract space of transformed sounds. Read the rest of this entry »


Solo and duo live Performance with Victoria Johnson at Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway

Concert evening with solo works by Diemo Schwarz and violinist Victoria Johnson, and an improvised duo at Sound of Mu club/gallery.

See this video of the first appearance of iPad wiggling as an expressive performance instrument.


Alarm–Signal played at Sound and Music Computing Conference, Barcelona

Concert around freesound

Diemo Schwarz performs the piece Alarm–Signal, for CataRT, controllers, and freesound sounds

Alarm sounds and signals are usually lying in wait all around us to alert our attention, warn us of danger, wake us up.  This piece finally gives them a chance to express themselves freely, just what the freesound project was intended for.
“Alarm” and “signal” are the search terms used in freesound to find the sounds out of which this piece is exclusively constructed. Despite the startling nature of most of these sounds, the use of corpus-based concatenative synthesis techniques in the CataRT system makes it possible to compose smooth evolutions and soothing combinations of timbres, thereby reflecting on the inner qualities of these sounds that are richer than their everyday use.

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Pascal Baltazar for the loan of the Stantum SMK 15″ multitouch interface, and to Mathieu Chamagne for the fantastic work on the Max Multitouch Framework (MMF).


Installation Grainstick at Cité des Sciences, Paris

Production version of the Collaborative sound installation Grainstick, originally developed by the IMTR and room acoustics team at Ircam, and the composer Pierre Jodlowski, for the EU project SAME, using the “Rainstick” instrument gestural control metaphor.
Applied technologies: WFS spatialisation, motion tracking, gesture analysis, corpus-based synthesis.

First prototype presented at the Agora Festival 2009.

Concept and musical creation: Pierre Jodlowski
Video: Raphaël Thibault
Stage design and project management: Christophe Bergon
Sound design: Jacky Mérit
Programming: Robin Meier
Room acoustics: Olivier Warusfel, Grace Leslie
Real-Time Musical Interactions: Frédéric Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Fléty, Diemo Schwarz, Bruno Zamborlin.


Xe-Rocks Installation for Photocopiers and Sound System

P1000327_800Xerocks is an installation by video and sound artist Cécile Babiole designed to turn two copying machines into musical instruments.

Development and adaptation of the real-time sound synthesis system CataRT by Diemo Schwarz for audio analysis and granular (re)composition of the 4 audio channels from the photocopiers by navigation through descriptor space.

On Show : 27 June 2009 at Espace culture et multimédia Gantner (CG90) in Bourogne. Exhibition until 12 September 2009.