Friday 23.05.2014 11:00

Inner Space by Christian Delecluse, Mapping Festival, Geneva

On show 22.5.–1.6.2014 at Mapping Festival,Le Commun (BAC), Geneva

The second iteration of a light and sound installation, Inner Space offers viewers a dual experience that questions the process of how we build our perceptions. First, viewers are welcomed to contemplate a dynamic room where beams of light move in sync with sound, constantly shifting the intensity of the space and allowing the viewer to be carried away into a hypnotic trance. The piece offers a behind-the-scenes look where viewers observe the mechanical aspects of the project, with its low-tech counterweight mechanism and rough structural reinforcements. The spatial changes proposed by the installation occur randomly in real time, producing a succession of contrasting perceptions, switching between order and disorder, between determinism and chance, between mind control and letting go.

For the soundtrack composition, composer Diemo Schwarz completely reworked the dimension of the sound using CataRT, a software he created at IRCAM, the Institute of Musical Research based in Paris. Through the process of granular synthesis, the program recomposes in real time the recordings of engine noises into entirely new sounds. The result at times simulates actual engine sounds, and at other times, transcends to more ethereal or subversive ones.

Designed by Christian Delécluse, in collaboration with Diemo Schwarz and co-produced by Arcadi and Le Cube.

Conception, réalisation : Christian Delécluse
Composition sonore : Christian Delécluse et Diemo Schwarz
Matériel électronique : Interface-Z
Maquettes : Marysol Kraviez
Ebénisterie : Raymond Dodard
Remerciements : Julien Taïb, Stéfane Perraud, Interface-Z, Marcelle Delécluse, Sophie Kohn
Co-production : Arcadi, Le Cube

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