research and development for interactive installations


Xe-Rocks Installation for Photocopiers and Sound System

P1000327_800Xerocks is an installation by video and sound artist Cécile Babiole designed to turn two copying machines into musical instruments.

Development and adaptation of the real-time sound synthesis system CataRT by Diemo Schwarz for audio analysis and granular (re)composition of the 4 audio channels from the photocopiers by navigation through descriptor space.

On Show : 27 June 2009 at Espace culture et multimédia Gantner (CG90) in Bourogne. Exhibition until 12 September 2009.


Installation Grainstick

Collaborative sound installation, developed by the IMTR and room acoustics team at Ircam, and the composer Pierre Jodlowski for the EU project SAME, using the “Rainstick” instrument gestural control metaphor.
Applied technologies: WFS spatialisation, motion tracking, gesture analysis.

Max/MSP development (CataRT sound synthesis, gesture analysis, interaction control) by Diemo Schwarz, Grace Leslie, Bruno Zamborlin.

First prototype presented at the Agora Festival 2009.

Also on show July 2010, Cité des Sciences, Paris.