Wednesday 23.05.2012 21:00

DaisyLab, a Phonetic Deconstruction of Humankind with Nicolas d’Alessandro at NIME conference, Ann Arbour

NIME Late Night a concert on Wednesday May 23, 9pm at Necto Club in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.  Part of NIME 2012 — International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

DaisyLab, a Phonetic Deconstruction of Humankind is a duet performance for two new interfaces for musical expression, that have in common the ability to generate versatile vocal material.

Diemo Schwarz’s instrument uses a variety of sensors on the top of corpus-based concatenative synthesis, that has been fed with voice sounds for this performance. Nicolas d’Alessandro plays the HandSketch interface over the new MAGE speech synthesizer, bringing tangible inputs to an emerging speech synthesis technique.  Together these two performers explore the boundaries between vocal and non-vocal sonic spaces, aiming at deconstructing the humankind’s most ubiquitous communicative channel through a compositionally directed improvisation, a “comprovisation”.

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