Wednesday 23.03.2022 20:00

ONCEIM plays Radigue/Bosshard at Maerzmusik festival, Berlin Philharmonic

I will play percussion with ONCEIM for  Eliane Radigue’s Occam Ocean XXV and electronics at Patricia Bosshard’s Sillons at Maerzmusik festival, Berlin Philharmonic.

Éliane Radigue`s first piece for orchestra “Occam Océan” marks the third work period of the music pioneer and is at the same time an example of collective knowledge transfer through oral and aural transmission – embodied and performed by members of Klangforum Wien together with ONCEIM.

The festival is streamed live and archived here.

ONCEIM avec Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (saxophone alto), Félicie Bazelaire (violoncelle), Sébastien Beliah (contrebasse), Patricia Bosshard (violon), Cyprien Busolini (alto), Giani Caserotto (guitare), Xavier Charles (clarinette), Pierre Cussac (accordéon), Jean Daufresne (euphonium), Bertrand Denzler (saxophone ténor), Vianney Desplantes (euphonium), Benjamin Dousteyssier (saxophone baryton), Jean Dousteyssier (clarinette), Benjamin Duboc (contrebasse), Yoann Durant (saxophone alto), Rémi Durupt (percussion), Elodie Gaudet (alto), Antonin Gerbal (batterie), Louis Laurain (trompette), Carmen Lefrançois (saxophone baryton), Julien Loutelier (batterie), Jean-Sébastien Mariage (guitare), Frédéric Marty (contrebasse), Arnaud Rivière (électronique), Joris Rühl (clarinette), Diemo Schwarz (percussion/electronics), Alvise Sinivia (piano), Deborah Walker (violoncelle).

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