Tuesday 28.10.2014 21:00

Diemo Schwarz, Hans Leeuw, PA Tremblay and more innovative improvisers at Zaal 100, Amsterdam

A concert in the nicest and oldest impro place in Amsterdam: Zaal 100facebook event

PA Tremblay (electrique bass + electronics, Huddersfield)
Diemo Schwarz (Gesture controlled CataRT, Paris)
Stephan Reidl (acoustic bass + electronics)
Dirk Bruinsma (sax + electronics)
Hans Leeuw (electrumpet)
Alan Purves (percussion)

Zaal 100, Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Admission: €5,-
Starts: 21.00h
Podcast through: http://icecast.freeteam.nl/zaal100.ogg.m3u

Between the 28th and 30th of October two friends and colleagues visit the HKU to play and to work with the students. Diemo Schwarz from IRCAM and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay from the Univerity of Huddersfield. They both use live electronics in very innovative ways. Hans tried to find a best match between them and Amsterdam based musicians: There is Alan (Gunga) Purves whom it is an honor to play with and of whom Hans has fond memories playing an electronic / acoustic duo where it was even unclear to me who made which sound. Stephan Reidl is a bass player who just as Hans takes the making of a hybrid musical instrument very serious. Finally Dirk Bruinsma from Hans’ band Tetzepi is a master in blending his sound into an electronic context.


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