Monday 06.12.2010 19:00

Le lieu d’un autre centre, with Frédéric Blondy

Preview of the project  “le lieu d’un autre centre”, in collaboration with Frédéric Blondy (bowed and prepared piano), with audio excerpt.

To be premiered October 21, 2011, church St. Merri, Paris, in the series les rendez-vous contemporains de saint-merri and replayed November 18, 2011 at Spectrum Festival, London.

The pieces composed by Frédéric Blondy and Diemo Schwarz follow a trajectory, a predetermined evolution, within which musical expression thrives freely, based on listening to the sound world they create, and to its resonance with the performance space.
For each composition, the aim is to explore in depth a given material, a principle of play, a type of interaction, and to extract from it its essence, its expressive force.

The piano, driving force of the performance setup, is seen here in a very extended way, where the entire body of the instrument, as well as the materials it is made of, are engaged in sound production.
Be it by using preparations, playing inside of the instrument, or extended playing techniques, the acoustic material is extremely rich and diverse, and serves as source for the electro-acoustic setup.

The piano’s acoustic body is electronically doubled with the help of corpus-based synthesis, producing at times a sonic shadow, at times a parallel space that crosses and interlaces with the sounds of the piano.
Corpus-based concatenative synthesis allows here to recontextualise the sounds captured and analysed in real-time, and to precisely navigate in the timbral space spanned up by the sounds of the piano, nourishing the corpus all along the performance.

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