Thursday 13.05.2010 20:00

Concert–Conference at STEIM, Amsterdam

Conferences and concerts by Diemo Schwarz, Kaffe Matthews, Daniela de Paulis, Takuro Mazuka Lippit

MTBF with live corpus-based concatenative synthesis with Hans Leeuw on Electrumpet.

See for more information. The performance by an acoustic musician and Diemo Schwarz playing the real-time corpus-based concatenative synthesis software CataRT, developed with the IMTR team at Ircam, is an improvisation with two brains and four hands controlling one shared symbolic instrument, the sound space, built-up from nothing and nourished in unplanned ways by the sound of the instrument, explored and consumed with whatever the live instant filled it with. It creates a symbiotic relationship between the player of the instrument and that of the software.

CataRT behaves here like a poetic metaphor, a generator of a cut-up of emotions, an interactive structure where the sonic personae exchange bodies and the score of their minds is rewritten in the instant. Their physical sonic
appearance, either familiar or unknown, is modified. But this is not the dream of the machine taking control of the human, it is the contrary:
This software creates a dialectic between the age-old gesture of the musician and its digital transformation and critique. CataRT is the pathway between the acoustic instrument and a recontextualising synthetic interaction
at the heart of our times. In a poetic manner, the discourse of the instrument player can be resculptured in the instant by the player of the software and parter of the instrumentalist, making the unpredictability of the incoming material an integral part of the live performance.

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