Diemo Schwarz, born in Germany in 1969, is a researcher and developer at Ircam (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique-Musique, Paris), composer of electronic music, and musician on drums and laptop.

His research work includes improving interaction between musician and computer, and exploiting large masses of sound for interactive real-time sound synthesis, collaborating with composers such as Philippe Manoury, Dai Fujikura, Stefano Gervasoni, Pierre Jodlowski, Aaron Einbond, Sam Britton.  He holds a PhD in computer science applied to music, awarded in 2004 for the development of a new method of corpus-based concatenative musical sound synthesis by unit selection from a large soundbase.

His compositions and live performances—under the name of his solo project Mean Time Between Failure, or improvising with musicians such as George Lewis, Evan Parker, Frédéric Blondy, Victoria Johnson, Etienne Brunet,Luka Juhart, Pierre-Alexander Tremblay—explore the possibilities of corpus-based concatenative synthesis to re-contextualise any sound source by rearranging sound units into a new musical framework using interactive navigation through a sound space.