Thursday 14.11.2013 19:00

SI13 Concert: Audiovisual, Interactive, Gaming, Live…, Singapore

ADM Auditorium, School of Art Design Media, NTU, Singapore

The concert is part of  the SI13 NTU Symposium on Sound and Interactivity 14-16 November 2013 (, chaired by PerMagnus Lindborg.


Diemo Schwarz “Playing the Sound Space”
Roger T. Dean “Serial Collaborations 2″    
Dean & Schwarz
improvised duo
Stefano Fasciani “One at a Time by Voice”
Renick Bell “Live Coding Improvisation”
Luis Galvàn Hernandez “…and everything he touched, was turned into Gold…”
Steve Dixon & Joyce Beetuan Koh “The Fire Sermon (part 3 from The Waste Land)”

The SI13 Concert is preceded by a reception hosted by iNTeract@NTU, 17.00-19.00 (5-7 pm). At 18.00 (6 pm), Ken Feinstein will give a Curator’s Talk on “Immaterial Frontiers”, the ongoing exhibition at ADM Gallery and part of Singapore Biennale.

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