Friday 22.09.2017 20:30

ONCEIM plays John Tilbury, Festival CRAK, Paris

Parisian première of the piece SANS by John Tilbury created with the Orchestre de Nouvelles Créations, Expérimentations et Improvisations Musicales (ONCEIM) on the text by Samuel Beckett (1970).
CRAK Festival, St. Merri

A veritable kaleidoscope of all the well-recognized and demanding ensembles that have been produced by creative music in France, ONCEIM was founded to loudly promote the voice of a contemporary music scene that is atypical, thanks to performers coming from varied musical backgrounds. Following Stephen O’Malley and Eliane Radigue, this time the creative residency that was supported by the Meteo festival in Mulhouse is making it possible for ONCEIM to commission a piece from British pianist John Tilbury. Better known as a performer than as a composer, Tilbury is honing a practice of weightlessness, economic in notes but hardly stingy in impressions. This new piece is named “SANS” and will be the fruit of a work on improvisation based on the text of Samuel Beckett “Sans” (1970).

ONCEIM avec Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (saxophone alto), Félicie Bazelaire (violoncelle), Sébastien Beliah (contrebasse), Patricia Bosshard (violon), Cyprien Busolini (alto), Massimo Carrozzo (clarinettes), Giani Caserotto (guitare), Xavier Charles (clarinette), Pierre Cussac (accordéon), Jean Daufresne (euphonium), Bertrand Denzler (saxophone ténor), Vianney Desplantes (euphonium), Benjamin Dousteyssier (saxophone baryton), Jean Dousteyssier (clarinette), Benjamin Duboc (contrebasse), Yoann Durant (saxophone alto), Rémi Durupt (percussion), Elodie Gaudet (alto), Antonin Gerbal (batterie), Antonin-Tri Hoang (clarinette), Louis Laurain (trompette), Carmen Lefrançois (saxophone baryton), Julien Loutelier (batterie), Jean-Sébastien Mariage (guitare), Frédéric Marty (contrebasse), Arnaud Rivière (électronique), Joris Rühl (clarinette), Diemo Schwarz (électronique), Alvise Sinivia (piano), Deborah Walker (violoncelle).

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