Saturday 09.09.2017 14:00

DIRTI installation, Abbaye de Royeaumont

Images (C) Hervé Veronèse

Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI) offer a playful, interactive, sonorous and visual journey for people ages two and up. Through manipulations and listening, sight and hearing is solicited.  When children sink their hands in different materials that fill interactive tubs they set off sounds and images.

Saturday 9 Sep 14–17
Sunday 10 Sep 16h30

DIRTI is designed by User Studio/Matthieu Savary with audio and interaction development by Diemo Schwarz and Norbert Schnell, ISMM team, Ircam-STMS. Composition by Ariadna Alsina and Emmanuelle Lizère.

Videos: presentation , making-of.

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